Why do we love Shetland? Well there's so many thing to love it's hard to know where to start.

The Shetland Islands are a magical place, equidistant between Norway and Mainland Scotland, with an incredible coastline of white sandy beaches, cliffs, caves and small islands. There's so much wildlife everywhere in Shetland, the famous Tammy Norries (Puffins) who find their homes in the cliffs, the Orcas, Silkies (seals) and Draatsi (Otters) all of which can be seen around the coastline.

The natural light has an intensity that heightens colour, sound travels through the vast empty valleys and children roam free. In the summer the days last forever and in the winter, the Mirry Dancers (northern lights) adorn the skies.

It has been home to hardy islanders where living with nature and the seasons has been key to survival. Fishing, farming sheep and knitting were the main occupations and women often walked whilst knitting, never having idle hands.

Tradition and heritage have been passed down through the generations and the traditional Fair Isle patterns have lived on. We are so proud of Shetland's rich heritage, and the influences can be seen in our garments, in new and contemporary ways. 

You can follow Promote Shetland for updates on why this is such a special place, they do lots of videos and interviews and we've loved being part of them.

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