Knitwear Studio

We love making our knitwear and take a lot of pride in what we create. Here's how it's done...

All our designs start life in a sketch book either as a pattern or garment design, I use inspiration from everything and anything to help me come up with the colour ways and designs, the clarity of light in Shetland plays a huge part in my colour work and the peaceful nature of my studios help my mind but with creativity.  I'll work on the pattern and colour on our knitting software before sampling on the knitting machines, both the colours and design.

Once I've got all the pattern colour ways and the styling for the designs ready we decide if we're making them on the domestic knitting machines or the larger machines which we use at the local college. We can email them our pattern designs and then work with the technicians to make the garment construction.

It's a slow process sampling but one of the most important, this is where we can find problems in designs and also sometime exciting new ways to make things.

We link all our garments together and hand finished them before machine washing them and air drying on pullies in our studio. The drying racks are always full and bursting with colour. 

We have various different types of machines in the studio from small domestic machines which we use for the accessories to larger ones which we use for full garments and interiors.

Each item has our labels sew in and the garment gets a final check at this point for any dropped stitches. We check each item by hand before it heads into our shop. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of each piece we make here in Shetland and we love the reaction from you, our customers when you visit and see where it's made.

Feel free to come and see our studio whenever you're passing.